Company Pledges

Vegan Society partners and Vegan Society Trademark companies are getting behind World Vegan Month and encouraging their staff to take the vegan pledge for 7 or 30 days in November.

Triodos Business Development Manager Tom Owen who is responsible for forging links with charities and Relationship Manager responsible for organic food and farming Simon Crichton are both already committed to eating locally and fair trade but they have signed up to follow a locally sourced, fair trade vegan diet during their month long pledge. Vegan Society Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer Amanda Baker who personally follows at local, fair trade vegan diet will be mentoring them during their pledge period.

Triodos will donate to The Vegan Society when someone chooses to save ethically.  Find out more at

Ecotricity’s Jacob Windsor, is also taking the vegan pledge:

Everything we do is in pursuit of our vision for a Green Britain – a place where we all live more sustainable lives. Our founder, Dale Vince, is a committed vegan.  So we know the kind of difference people switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet can make to tackling our carbon emissions.  And that’s why we wholeheartedly support The Vegan Society.”

The Vegan Society receives a donation for every Ecotricity account set up from this link:

Staff at Big Green Smile Big Green Smile (, the organic lifestyle products website, are also taking part in the Vegan Pledge. Gemma Chase, Head of Marketing, Donna Ashcroft, Merchandising Manager, Managing Director, Nick Buhler and Commercial Director Ben Wigley are all taking the Vegan Pledge. Gemma Chase said,

“We are planning a pot luck lunch and we look forward to impressing each other with our vegan culinary skills! We will be posting pictures and updates on social media daily.”