Vegan Pledge

The Vegan Society’s Vegan Pledge has proved very popular this year with an increase in pledges earlier this year of 39% worldwide and 26% in the UK. ¬†For World Vegan Month 2013 we are encouraging people to think about taking their first steps in a vegan direction by taking the Vegan Pledge for 7 or 30 days during November.

We have high profile pledgers such as comedians Dave Spikey and Lucy Porter as actress/presenter Julie Peasgood is also taking the week long pledge and being mentored by her friend and co-presenter Honorary Vegan Society Patron Wendy Turner-Webster.

Vegan Society Trademark registered companies and partners are also encouraging their staff to go vegan to support World Vegan Month. Read more about the companies supporting the month.

And finally we would like to encourage you to take the Vegan Pledge too. Find out more and step up to the plate for seven or 30 delicious and nutritious days of veganism.