Celebrity Pledges news release


IMMEDIATE: 23 October 2013

Dave Spikey, Julie Peasgood and Lucy Porter take the Vegan Pledge

to support World Vegan Month 

Comedians Dave Spikey and Lucy Porter and actress and presenter Julie Peasgood have all pledged to support World Vegan Month by going vegan for a week during November’s World Vegan Month.

Dave Spikey has been a vegetarian for over 25 years and is looking forward to the challenge of taking the Vegan Pledge: “In the past, in addition to my rescue dogs, I have given a lifelong home to unwanted billy goats, sheep, turkeys and many ex-battery hens, who have had, until rescued, the same amount of space to live in as an iPad! They each have a personality of their own and I have got some fantastic comedy material from their hilarious antics. I know that veganism is kinder to animals like these and to our environment so I hope that by taking the Vegan Pledge, I can help inspire others to try some delicious vegan food during World Vegan Month or to join me and take the Vegan Pledge too.”  Dave Spikey has several tour dates coming up featuring stories of his rescued battery chickens and dogs.

Julie Peasgood eats fish and chicken but she immediately agreed to do the Vegan Pledge: “I am delighted to have my friend and colleague and The Vegan Society’s Honorary Patron Wendy Turner-Webster mentoring me during my pledge - I’m hoping it will give me lots of new ideas for delicious and healthy animal free meals.”  Wendy and Julie are co-producing and co-presenting a new TV programme, Crafty Beggars, which puts the competition into crafts - as two teams go head to head in a bid to see who can make the most cash out of handmade crafts. The programme is filming and airing in 2014 on new Freeview channels Latest TV and Channel 8.  Julie is also starring as The Good Fairy in Sleeping Beauty in her home town of Grimsby this December.

Comedian Lucy Porter is a vegetarian and is pleased to have the opportunity to take the Vegan Pledge: “I have been meaning to try to be vegan for a long time and taking the Vegan Pledge is the nudge that I need.  It will also get my sister off my back!  She is vegan and a doctor and has some very persuasive arguments for a vegan diet.”

For World Vegan Month the Vegan Society is encouraging the nation to try some delicious and nutritious vegan food or to join Dave, Julie and Lucy and take a seven or 30 day Vegan Pledge during November.   On the 30 day pledge participants can request an online vegan mentor who will help and support them through their pledge period.  On both the seven and 30 day pledges participants receive emails offering advice during you’re their pledge period.  Members of the public can find out more and sign up for the pledge at www.vegansociety.com/veganpledge.

The Vegan Society has seen an increase in vegan pledges earlier this year of 39% worldwide and 26% in the UK.  World Vegan Day on 1 November – celebrating the coining of the term, ‘vegan’ and the founding of The Vegan Society in November 1944 – marks the start of World Vegan Month.  World Vegan Day and World Vegan month are organised by The Vegan Society (reg. charity no. 279228).


For more press information please contact Sam Calvert, Media & PR Manager, The Vegan Society on 0121 523 1737/
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Notes to editors

  • The Vegan Society, founded in 1944, is a registered educational charity (no. 279228) that provides information and guidance on various aspects of veganism, including to new and potential vegans, caterers, healthcare professionals, educators and the media. Visit The Vegan Society at www.vegansociety.com for more information.