Running a stall for vegan outreach

In advance

Plan. What do you want people to do? Take The Vegan Pledge, to come to a film evening, or to join your local group?  How can you help them?  What leaflets do you need to order?  If you want to handle food, choose ambient packaged foods (food that can be safely kept at room temperature) and complete HACCP.  Check if you need Public Liability Insurance.

Prepare. Ask specific people to help to set up, to run and to close up the stall.  Do you need permission to set up in your chosen spot?  Do you need to pay?  When do you all need to arrive?

Equip. Order Vegan Society leaflets and booklets at least three weeks in advance.  Approach companies even earlier.  Do you need a table?  A large tablecloth and display boards can help to make a stall more visually appealing.  For outside stalls, how will you cope with wind or rain, hold materials down (elastic bands, weights) and keep them dry?

Research. Read up on the key facts about being vegan.  Prepare answers to common questions.

Publicise. Talk to your local newspapers, radio, magazines or TV about promoting or visiting your stall for a short article.

On the day

Relax. Allow plenty of time.  Being friendly, helpful and positive with everyone.  If someone seems ‘awkward on purpose’, stay calm, answer honestly, and firmly thank them and encourage them to leave once you have finished. Take time to regain your balance if necessary.

Decorate. Set up any displays to catch the eye as people approach.  Think about how to lay out your table.  Try to cover the whole table with your tablecloth.

Inform. Select a few leaflets, such as our Why Vegan? leaflet that you can give away freely.  Have a few booklets for people with particular interests.  Direct people to The Vegan Society web site to find out more in their own time (at home, or their local library).

Approach. Be outgoing – stand, perhaps in front of the stall – but without being pushy.  Be smart and speak clearly.


What went well?  What would you do differently next time?  What are your next steps?  Do you have a longer term goal?

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