Make your school/uni canteen more vegan friendly

Your school, college or university needs to offer balanced, delicious vegan meals. Good vegan food will appeal to just about anyone. Many non-vegans, including vegetarians, and those following religious or health-based diets will also welcome tasty vegan food.

Get support. Join or form a vegan group. Collect signatures from students and staff who are interested in trying vegan options, to show that there is a demand.

Approach and Inform. Take your signatures of support to your Catering Manager and the Principal (e.g. your Head Teacher).  Confidently, politely explain your request.  Offer copies of our full colour, free catering pack, ‘Vegan Catering for All’.

Publicise. Encourage people to try new vegan options, so your caterers keep doing them.

  • Write to local newspapers, with good pictures if you can. Include location, prices etc.
  • Organise a vegan food day to launch the new menu. Give free samples. Publicise.
  • Ask the caterers for clear labelling on the menu, & on the dishes.

Keep it up. Informed your caterers of new products a few times each year. Help them with festive recipes for Christmas, Pancake Day, Passover etc. & with publicity.

Show your appreciation. Send the caterers a card, or a box of vegan chocolates.

Let us know how you get on!