Free food events

Offering free delicious vegan food can very effectively promote vegan living.   Always follow food hygiene regulations. 

You create a relaxed social setting where people can chat about vegan living over delicious sweet and savoury snacks.  Here are some tips on how:

  • Get enough people to run the event to get food donations, cook food, run information stalls, coordinate volunteers on the day, do the publicity and so on.
  • Ensure you can cover costs with fundraising ahead of the day.
  • Book a good venue ideally on a busy shopping street, with good kitchens.
  • Choose a variety of attractive, good quality food for your free buffet
  • Invite local groups and companies to take stands
  • Produce posters and fliers, and publicise widely to local news
  • Run a 30 second survey of visitors : Are you a meat-eater?  Will you change?
  • Send a short article about the highlights of the day to your local newspapers. 


Check the food hygiene laws at the start.  In England, talk to your local Council.  Look at sending one of your team on a one-day food hygiene certificate course.  Complete HACCP (hazard analysis & critical control points) to prevent & manage food safety risks.

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