Ask your local restaurants to offer (more) vegan dishes

This will help make it easier for other people considering vegan living, too. Here are some tips:

Customer power is everything.  Restaurants want to know that actual customers are interested.  Find a quiet moment to ask what vegan-friendly options they can offer.

Plan group vegan meals.

Give them Vegan Catering for All. Tell them about the free Vegans Catered for Here window sticker.

Explain to them why vegan options are good for business.  It’s often an “aha!” moment for restaurants when you point it out to them.

Remember, vegan food is not just for vegans! Good vegan options can attract wide range of customers, including non-vegans such as vegetarians, many following healthy or religious diets, and groups with just one person seeking vegan-friendly food.

Suggest they simply mark their vegan-friendly food as “Chocolate Fudge Cake” or “Butternut Squash, Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Lasagne” with a small note like: ‘(ve)’ or ‘(vo)’ e.g. ‘vegan’, or ‘vegan option available’.  We will spot it!